Trip to Carburn Park

Trip to Carburn Park

I am really fortunate to live close to one of Calgary’s finest parks and my favorite, Carburn Park This jewel is situated along the Bow River and is usually a sure thing for photographic rewards every time I go no matter the season. During today’s trip I was rewarded by these images. I have more of them posted in the Birds and Wildlife Galleries.

My first reward was this young Whitetail fawn. She (not sure of the sex) was curious about me and the sound of my camera.

Trip to Carburn Park 1

I then was rewarded further by a Doe

Trip to Carburn Park 2 

I was lucky and this Whitetail Buck let me take as many shots as I wanted. I thanked him afterwards and as I left. Here is one on the shots I got.

Trip to Carburn Park 3 My final reward was this Black Capped Chickadee 

Trip to Carburn Park 4All in all a good trip I think.

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