Icefields Parkway in Early June

Hello everyone. This week I decided to make another road trip. Now that the pandemic restrictions are easing a bit I wanted to go to the mountain parks to hopefully capture some images. We landscape and wildlife photographers (which I kind of fit into that category sometimes) are a quirky lot preferring little or even better, no people around when and wherever we go out to a location. The upside is isolation in solitude. When I headed out just after sunrise, it looked like broken clouds and a warm day was in store. As I arrived at Lake Louise it was socked in with low clouds completely obscuring the mountains at the ends of the lake. Significant patches of snow still existed. So I guess that means I will have to come back another day and see if the photography gods are with me.

So plan B. I decided to go to Bow Lake and along the Icefields Parkway. There was very little road traffic and I had the luxury of taking my time and enjoying the journey. Snow pack was still visible on the sides of the slopes along this high mountain roadway. Arriving at Bow Lake I had the the place pretty much to myself. Here is a shot The Crowfoot Glacier and Bow Lake.

Icefields Parkway in Early June 1

The mountains reflected in the open water broken up with a patchwork of melting lake ice. I think it made for a really nice shot. The low cloud gave it a primal ancient atmosphere.

Icefields Parkway in Early June 2

As I was about to continue my journey to the Icefields Parkway, suddenly this Raven landed beside me. He seemed to study me and my camera and I was able to capture these images.

Icefields Parkway in Early June 3
Icefields Parkway in Early June 4

I kept thinking of a story I read years ago “The Teachings of Don Juan” as I looked into this raven’s eyes as it looked back at me. Continuing on I decided to go to the Columbia Glacier.

Here is a panorama of the Columbia Glacier area. This time the Columbia Glacier is obscured in clouds but the image does give the viewer a sense of scale.

Icefields Parkway in Early June 5

Further along the Icefields Parkway I drove up the steep switchback to the Sunwapta Pass viewpoint overlooking the valley below. I believe that is a breath taking view that you must experience before you die!

Icefields Parkway in Early June 6

If you get a chance to continue on you will continue to be bombarded by overwhelmingly beautiful scenery before eventually arriving in Jasper, Alberta. I however decided to go to Saskatchewan River Crossing and take Highway 11 also known as the David Thompson Highway east but that’s another upcoming entry. You can view the larger images in my Panoramas and Birds galleries.

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