Wild Horses

Last week’s road trip was to find some of the wild horse herds that still exist in South Central Alberta. These small herds of free-roaming wild horses can be found west of Sundre Alberta along the way to Ya Ha Tinda ranch. My route however took the lesser traveled gravel Alberta Trunk road (Highway 40) through the mountains. I recommend a sturdy vehicle (i.e. an SUV ) for this route particularly if you happen to encounter rain or sudden mountain storms. During this trip I drove about 110 kilometres of very dusty winding mountain gravel roads. The wind was light so the the dust of remained suspended in the air for a long time especially if other vehicular traffic was encountered. After driving through the mountains success! Once we spotted some wild horses grazing on a mountain slope, we waited for the dust to settle before going out to try and capture images of them. To get these shots a short hike up the the slope was required to get reasonably close.

Wild Horses 1

While photographing this small wild horse herd we heard and then spotted a bi-plane flying in the distance. I think the pilot spotted us and after a while flew overhead of us to give a look over and allow us to take some images. The horses by the way didn’t even flinch or look up and just continued grazing without getting spooked. Here is a quick sequence of the bi-plane.

Wild Horses 2
Wild Horses 3
Wild Horses 4

From there we continued on looking for more wild horses and spotted a lone horse grazing in an old logged area. This horse looked like it had lost some weight over the winter months and need to eat as much as possible to regain some of the lost weight.

Wild Horses 5

Continuing on we spotted more wild horses along the way. Many of them looked like they need to gain weight now that summer grasses were available. All in all this was a rewarding but dusty long road trip which I will definitely do again this summer! I have posted the images in my Wildlife and Misc galleries.

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