A Kananaskis Autumn Road  Trip

A Kananaskis Autumn Road Trip

Last week I made another trip to Kananaskis to scout out locations for some Autumn seasonal shots. During my trip revisited Upper Kananaskis Lakes. I was fortunate to get a shot of this Cow Moose who was happily munching on the forest grasses. She noticed me right away and seem a bit agitated with the sound of my camera. I took a few shots of her as I did not want to agitate her any further. It’s  been a while since I was close enough to one of these beasts to appreciate their size.

Cow Moose

During the trip I also happened upon this Red Tailed Chipmunk non-stop power eating the seed pods from the tree branch that it is perched on.

Red Tailed Chipmunk


I stopped at Upper Kananaskis Lake and took a few images. I created this panorama image of the lake a view. Afterwards I took the Smith-Dorian Pass to Canmore, Alberta. I was hoping to get  into some of the trails there but everything was closed due to recent Grizzly bear attacks in the area. 

A Kananaskis Autumn Road Trip 1

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