Wild Crocus Flowers

Wild Crocus Flowers

I remember when I was a young boy growing up in northern British Columbia first seeing and photographing the beauty of the blooming wild Crocus flowers. Always a sign that spring is finally here (after all its seems to me that summer is only six weeks either side of July in Western Canada), these beautiful but short-lived blooms emerge and add a purple and blue splash colour to the prairie landscape often before the leaves on deciduous trees have even emerged. Now, in my senior years, I still look forward to seeing wild crocus flowers every year and it also seems, getting out to photograph them. Since most of my photography is a solitary experience I can still safely get out during the current pandemic.

The wild Crocus flowers are found in the prairies where I live is a very hardy plant that is usually found thriving in older undisturbed tracks of land usually on sun-exposed hillsides. I try not to step on any of the plants as I pick my way through the patches. I never pick any flowers either so that these will continue to grow and expand naturally. I recognize that there are now many cultured crocus varieties available for your gardens but I still like wild things more.

When photographing wild crocus flowers I like position myself as low as I can which usually means that I will get dirty, wet, muddy, covered in dried out prairie grasses but the reward is worth the time and effort. The gear I used for theses images consists of a Nikon D850, a Gitzo GT3542LS tripod with the legs flattened out as far as I need, an Acratec ball head, a Nikon SB700 flash, and finally my Nikkor 60 and 100mm macro lenses. I find that the flash unit is often essential to freeze the delicate crocus blooms is the breezes that seem to blow whenever I photograph wild crocus flowers.

Here is one of the pictures of the wild crocus flowers that I took on my my last outing in Fishcreek Park in Calgary Alberta which is located not far from where I reside. It was a cool May afternoon with intermittent showers and of course a bit breezy. Thank you for reading this entry and I hope that you enjoy the images of the wild crocus flowers in the Macro gallery. Please leave your feedback and comments. If you have any questions please email me Contact and I promise I will respond.

Wild Crocus Flowers 1

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