American Robins

American Robins

I and proud to admit that I have a heartfelt fondness for the American Robin. Not only are these beautiful birds are a sure sign of Spring in my corner of the planet, but also a cheerful source of photographic opportunities. To me, and I admit it may be only my observation based upon my fondness for these birds, each individual seems to have it’s own personality and unique behavior. At first they are bold but cautious, but as they get used to my presence and the shutter sounds of my camera, they relax and exhibit their own behavior and vocalizations around me. After a while this particular Robin became kind of a “camera diva” making sure I got the shot by pausing, looking at me, before continuing. Other’s are more cautious and wary of being photographed. Others still are so comfortable that they land mere feet from me and cock their heads and cluck with joyful curiosity. But one thing is for sure, all Robins love water and a good bath.

Robins seem instinctively know where safe places are and most years I have them nesting on some part of my house or yard. As a result I have been fortunate enough to have been able to capture images of their newborn chicks, tireless feeding behaviors and eventually the chick’s fledging the nest.

Here is a sequence of one of the “camera diva” having a bath. Look into those eyes and tell me that there is not a personality there. What do you think? Have you had the same experiences with American Robins? Let me know.
Happy Shooting.

American Robins 1
American Robin ( the “camera diva”) in the bird bath
American Robins 2
The plunge (shot 1)
American Robins 3
The plunge shot 2
American Robins 4
After the bath (shot 4)

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