My New Website Improvement Implementation

My New Website Improvement Implementation

Hello everyone! Spring is finally here for sure this time! It’s that time of year for new life, the colour green (I really missed it), leaves, blooming flowers, all manner of newly emerged creatures and warm weather photography road trips. It also the time for the release of my new and hopefully improved website. Some of the things you might notice:

The website’s URL is now  my old site automatically redirects you to

I now have a secure site (SSL) so you will see the lock icon (https:) when you connect. This gives you the assurance that my site is secure and encrypted front to back.

You will also notice a slide show of some of my images when you connect. I will update these periodically.

I hope that you will send me feedback if you like what I have done with my site. Images can be commented on and you can send be feedback using the Contact page.

This season I plan to spend more actual time capturing images. I have several trips planned that will hopefully grace me with some worthy images. If there is some image types that you think I should consider adding to my website please send me a quick note.

I will try to incorporate them. The featured image (see the Macro gallery) is a Bumblebee feeding on a Cineraria plant.

Regards, Stan

Please leave a reply and tell me what you think of my site

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